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Topic: Leadership initiatives to enhance diversity and inclusion
Organization: VillageMD (my current employer)
Leaders: Tim Barry, Co-Founder and CEO and Tracy Dunn, Chief Diversity Officer
Page Length – 15-20 page of content (not
including Title Page and References)

Four chapters as identified in the Term Paper
Video and Term Paper Description

Clearly identified organization, change
initiative, and leader(s)

Clear incorporation of topics, models, theories,
and language from our course

Paper must be written in APA format

Each chapter must begin with an introduction (no
heading necessary)

Chapters 1-3 must end with a summary (not a

Direct quotes must be enclosed in quotation
marks and you must include a page or paragraph number in your in-text citation

Do not
include page or paragraph numbers unless you are using a direct quote

Direct quotes of more than 40 words must be
formatted as a block quote. For block quotes only, the citation comes after the closing punctuation.

Avoid excessive use of direct quotes. It
visually clutters your paper and demonstrates less understanding and critical

All paragraphs should be a minimum of three
sentences in length.

For works with more than two authors, only list
the first author’s name and use “et al.” – ex. Peterson et al. (2017)

If not date is available for a source use “n.d.”

It is not necessary or desirable for you cite
the same source in sentence after sentence. Cite your source at your first
usage, and it will be assumed that following statements are based on what you
learned from that source. A new citation would only be necessary if you start a
new paragraph or if you switch to information from a different source.
Language Skills

No 1st person (I, you, we, us, etc. –
use search function to make sure these words are not present)

No contractions (aren’t, won’t, can’t, they’ll,

Use Oxford comma

Check comma usage, especially before
contractions connecting two independent clauses

Paragraphs should be a minimum of three
sentences in length

Use numerals for numbers 10 and above, unless
that number is starting the sentence. Spell out numbers less than 10.

Book titles should be in italics

Article titles are not italicized, but journal
titles are italicized

For book and article titles, only capitalize the
first word of the title, the first word of the subtitle, and proper nouns

For journal titles, use title case

Article citations should include volume #, issue
#, and page #s when applicable

No publisher location needed for books

Carefully research how to cite webpages. There
are different rules for different types of sites. You can check these here:

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