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paper reviewing the case studies/strategies of professional inquiry of recent
pertinent literature in the mentioned sources or online library, e.g., dialectical inquiry,
appreciative inquiry, inquiry-based learning, etc. Students need to review and analyse the
selected literature and reach a conclusion that will extend or deepen the understanding of the
issue. The student needs to discuss, based on the conclusion, the significant findings and
relevant methodology that will lead to further explorations of the issue.
Use the knowledge about professional inquiry so far obtained to analyse the ideas, cases and
research about the issue. Specific questions are:

How is the issue relevant to professional development?

How is it studied in the research?

What are the key concepts or approaches to understand the issue?

What are the methods in studying the issue and what is the rationale behind those
methods? What are the main findings in the studies?

How can people evaluate the studies?

What needs to be further explored? etc.?
Assessment criteria
• Depth of knowledge and understanding of key concepts and theories
• Demonstrate an ability to critically analyse and synthesis relevant information and theory
• Innovative and creative approach to analysis of material
• Demonstrate an ability to engage in full professional and academic communication in written

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